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My name is Kris and this is my story.

At 3 years old I developed an autoimmune condition called vitiligo.

This is the disease that Michael Jackson had.

Vitiligo is the disease that made his skin turn white.

I saw many medical doctors and naturopathic doctors. 

The doctors told me to stay out of the sun, to wear sunscreen and even use an umbrella to shield myself from the sunlight

By 9 years of age the disease had spread to all regions of my body, including my face.

My mother flew me out to Germany to meet a special doctor who specialized in light medicine. 

This doctor prescribed me a cream called pseudo-catalase that reduced the hydrogen peroxide concentrations in my skin.

This doctor also prescribed me Narrowband Ultraviolet light therapy.

I ended up with multiple full size specialty tanning beds in my bedroom.

Every afternoon I would put on the cream, wait 10 minutes, punch in the password (!424) and expose my body to the ultraviolet light.

By 14 years old I had repigmented all areas of my body minus my hands and feet.

I am 28 now and my condition is incredibly stable.

People deserve natural healing options that are effective and safe.

I believe that  modern medicine has lost it's way. 


I believe that  the pharmaceutical industry is taking advantage of people who are sick.

I believe that many times pharmaceuticals can cause more harm than good.

I think we deserve better.

This is why I started the ElectromagneticRevolution.


Our Team

Shawn Bean

Shawn Bean is the founder of Matrix Health & Wellness. Many of Shawn’s colleagues consider him to be one the most innovative clinicians in practice today. Shawn has the unique ability to uncover hidden patterns with complex client cases, unravelling the core findings of functional medicine test results and patient histories, and to employ unique, and bio-individualized therapeutic approaches to optimize well being and minimize adverse reactions. Additionally, Shawn is an avid researcher, constantly in pursuit of deeper ways of looking at disease and chronic illness through the lens of biochemistry, genetics, epigenetics and physiology.

To contact shawn  for consult please email: matrixhealthwell@gmail.com

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