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Fire or Ice: post workout considerations

Post-exercise cooling impairs muscle #proteinsynthesis rates in recreational athletes" 01 December 2019

New data suggest that "individuals aiming to improve skeletal muscle conditioning should reconsider applying cooling as a part of their post exercise recovery strategy.

Cold‐water immersion during recovery from resistance‐type exercise lowers the capacity of the muscle to take up and/or direct dietary protein‐derived amino acids.

In addition, cold‐water immersion during recovery from resistance‐type exercise lowers myofibrillar protein synthesis rates during prolonged resistance‐type exercise training."

#ColdTherapy is still hugely beneficial, but is unlikely to increase #muscle when applied post-workout. in fact it may do the opposite.

ref: https://physoc.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/…/a…/10.1113/JP278996

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