• Anti-Radiation

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    Silver fiber shielding material in the front flap blocks radiofrequency electromagnetic field emitted from your cell phone from being absorbed directly into the surrounding tissue of your body. 


    When the radiofrequency electromagnetic field hits the shielding integrated into the front flap of the phone it reflects away from the user, similar to the way light reflects as it hits a mirror.


    We used a digital radiofrequency meter with a near field probe attachment to perform our measurements.  This is the correct scientific protocol for measuring cell phone shielding.


    Every time you receive a text, get a Facebook notification, email, message, snapchat, app update your smartphone bursts radiofrequency radiation also known as microwave radiation. 


    Your phone emits the same frequency of electromagnetic energy that your microwave uses to cook your food. 


    -Premium Vegan Leather

    -Magnetically de-tachable inner core (GPS)

    -3 credit card slots + 1 money slot

    -Kickstand Feature

    -360 degree protection for your phone


    Reduce your exposure.  Control your environment.  Protect what matters.

    • Return Policy



        The radiation emitted by your cell phone is classed as a class 2 b carcinogen in the same category as exhaust and DDT the pesticide. 




        If you have any problems with this product we offer 100% refund no questions asked. 


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