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  • FireWave

    Due to High Demand Our Firewaves are out of stock. However, you can pre order one of our lights by placing a normal order.  Our firewaves will be back in stock approximately April 10th. All orders will ship via DHL 3-4 day delivery time.

    Please contact us at emrprotectionservices@gmail.com if you require our assistance.  Thank you.


    About the FireWave:


    • Red light therapy: 236 watts of the 3 best wavelengths of low flicker light.
    • Spectrum: (630nm-25%(orange-red)+670nm-25%(red)+830nm-50%) (near-infrared)
    • Low Flicker rate: Firewaves have upgrades that minimize the flicker.
    • High Irradiance (Light power) = 0 EMF exposure. Exposure to electromagnetic fields during light therapy is counterproductive. At 214.5mw/cm2@distance of 10cm our lights are by far the most powerful on the market allowing for use completely outside the EMF. 
    • Irradiance (Light intensity):Firewave : @15cm -125mw/cm2 @30cm 85 - mw/cm2 @50cm - 52mw/cm2IR-wave: @15 cm - 108mw/cm2 @30cm 79mw/cm2 @50cm 46mw/cm2
    • New proprietary metal alloy is 4x lighter than the standard iron used in all the other red light panels. 
    • 2 switches. One switch operates the central (200 watt globe) and the other switch operates the 12 surrounding 3 watt diodes giving you the option to turn off the central globe. This feature allows for optimal night lighting, where all you really want is enough light to be able to see.
    • Secondary lenses that are placed on top of the diode reduce light loss. Firewaves have automatic thermoregulators in place to prevent overheating of electrical components.
    • The Fire-wave is comes with a hangable kit. We offer customer quick response customer service.Our Firewave runs for over 50,000 -100,000 hours of light time. 100% money-back guarantee. Risk free purchasing.  




    • Warranty/Return Policy

      Warranty/Return Policy

      2 year Warranty

      If you are not completely satisified with our light devices send it back within 30 days from delivery for a full refund.

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